vikitasks & viki demonstration: A personal wiki & task management

Welcome to this small demonstration of the vikitaks and thus the viki vim plugins. viki provides a personal wiki for vim. vikitask can be used to quickly review tasks that are scattered over several files.

Any viki file that includes task definitions is automatically included in the list of files that are scanned for tasks. You can also pre-define a set of files that should be scanned anyway.
  1. Create a new notes file
  2. Show the contents of two other notes files
  3. Invoke vikitasks
    1. Show current tasks (Please note that the next task is initially selected. The tasks above that line have deadlines in the past): :VikiTasks
    2. Show pending tasks that need attention: :VikiTasksAlarms
    3. Show tasks that are due in this week: :VikiTasks week'
    4. Show all tasks including undated ones: :VikiTasks *'
    5. Show all tasks related to viki: :VikiTasks * :viki


  1. This is absolutely awesome, I actually went out and learned to use emacs just to get orgmode but now I'm so glad to be able to use Vim to do my task management and wiki!

    I hope this gets included as standard in the next version of Vim because it's a great tool. Thanks.

  2. Hey, I really appreciate your Vim blog. One feedback, for some reason I find it difficult to keep track of both the keys you've pressed along with what's happening on screen.
    Some demo's I've seen have the keys showing up large. Others (IIRC) the person speaks the keys out. I am trying to recall how vimcasts.org does it.

    Anyway, keep posting about vim and plugins. I'll be following your blog through RSS. Regards.