''TSelectFiles'' demo

Welcome to this demonstration of the tselectfiles plugin. The main
purpose of this short screencast is to show how to use the
tlib#input#List() function and thus the tselectfiles plugin efficiently.

I first open a file from the VIM source code repository. I will then
call the '':TSelectFilesInSubdirs'' command to retrieve a list of all
files in that repository. The way tselectfiles is configured on my
computer, it will not scan the file tree but retrieve the list directly
from mercury, which is a little bit faster.

    1. Open [[~/.vim/src/vim/README.txt]].

    2. Call the '':TSelectFilesInSubdirs'' command.

    3. Move through the list by pressing <up> and <down> keys or
       <pageup> and <pagedown>.

    4. Filter the list: show only those files matching "Make". Since the
       file list is rather long, the filter won't be applied as you type
       the pattern. 46 files remain in the list. You can now edit the
       pattern. Since the list in shorter now, the filter will be
       applied as you type the pattern.

    5. Show only those files matching "Make" AND "cyg". Press <space> +

    6. Select a file: either by pressing "Enter" or by "Alt + Number in

    7. Show only files in the ''xxd'' subdirectory.

    8. Open all Makefiles in tabs.